Corporate Social Responsibilities and Firm Performance

Joshua Adeyemi Ogunjimi

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This study evaluated the impact of corporate social responsibility on firm performance using MTN Service centres in Ibadan, Nigeria as case study. Tables and simple percentages were used for the analysis of the data collected through the administration of questionnaires while the correlation coefficient and analysis of variance were employed as the analytical tool for this study. The results showed that all the MTN service centres in Ibadan carry out CSR albeit with few challenges. It was also found that several benefits accrue to MTN in Ibadan as a result of carrying out CSR activities. Furthermore, the correlation coefficient revealed a strong positive relationship between MTN’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and her organizational performance in Ibadan such that an increase in CSR activities would improve its performance. Similarly, the regression result showed a significant positive relationship between CSR and firm performance which indicates that CSR influences the performance of MTN service centres in Ibadan. Therefore, this study concludes that CSR is a determinant of firm performance. Based on these findings, this study recommends that the management of MTN Nigeria endeavour to engage in more CSR activities to meet the peculiar needs of their immediate environment since it has a way of improving their performance as well as profitability.

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Ogunjimi, J. A. (2020). Corporate Social Responsibilities and Firm Performance. Asian Business Research Journal, 5, 55-61.